Volunteers Put Together Charity Fashion Ball


Intend to Raise Money for the Teenage Cancer Trust

For the second year running Anita Kang has directed her team of hard working volunteers to put together a fantastic evening in order to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.  After selling over 600 tickets for last year’s fashion show, this year Anita and her team have excelled themselves and decided to launch the Charity Fashion Ball in June 2014 .

Anita works as a full-time cancer research assistant for the Hope Clinical Trials at the Royal Infirmary in Leicester. With no direct link to Teenage Cancer Trust, Anita became close to this charity as she saw the benefit of their efforts in supporting teenagers with cancer. In her spare time Anita seeks the help of like-minded individuals to join her in her quest to contribute to charitable causes like Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity that believes in the quality of life for young people suffering with cancer. Their vision is a future where young people’s lives don’t stop because they have cancer. They make sure they’re treated as young people first, cancer patients second and everything they do aims to improve their quality of life and chances of survival.

Anita and her team offer their services completely 100% out of their own time. She comments “we have rehearsals and meetings just like any other event – except no one gets paid for it”. The charity team rely on free rehearsal and meeting rooms donated by local offices and businesses.


When I asked Anita why doing this is important to her she replied, “why not? It’ seva (charitable deed). It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that I’m giving something to the community without receiving anything back.”


Anita tells me that she would like to encourage others to get involved in fundraising by showing them that through her own experience you don’t need to have personal connections to a charity or have any event experience.  After meeting with the Teenage Cancer Trust reps, Anita came to understand that charity all comes down to funding – “funding runs the charities and without them people wouldn’t have anywhere to turn to”.


Last summer a fashion show was held at King Power Stadium in Leicester and raised over £8500 which was donated to the Leicester unit thanks to Anita and her team of 30 volunteers. Three fashion collections were exhibited along with dance acts, beatboxing and charity stalls. This year there will be various attractions to raise money including a sit down three-course meal, another fashion show, more dance acts, Krispy Kreme donuts, raffle prizes and an exciting photo booth experience!


Although Anita acts as the organiser of the event, she says that without her team of models, volunteers, hair and make-up team, designers, DJ and photographers the event would not be going ahead – they not only participate on the day, by travel from various different areas to come together without wanting any pay. “Everyone involved is offering their services for free to ensure we can raise as much money as possible”.


Charity Fashion Ball will be held on 7 June 2014 from 5pm till late at Tower Ballroom, Reservoir Road, Birmingham B16 9EE. For ticket information please visit www.mr-tickets.co.uk


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