Noreen Khan


Up Close and Personal

After taking her radio show to new heights this year, Noreen Khan is reaching for the stars. Whilst recording a daily three and a half hour radio show she has now, some how, found time to launch a clothing range. The DJ sat down with The Asian Today to discuss music, clothing and football.  


Firstly, congratulations on becoming the most listened to show on the Asian Network. How does it feel?


It feels fabulous to have the most listened to Asian radio show in the UK! I’m up against some very strong DJ’s and being the only female on daytime it feels like even more of an achievement. I’ve also just hit record listening figures for any show on Asian Network to date so that’s pretty huge for me.


What does this mean for the Asian Network as a whole?


It’s all positive for the station as we’re a team and the more listeners I can bring to the Network only means we get bigger and stronger.


Were you worried about a possible decline in listeners when your times changed?


When I took on the new time slot I was told that the previous figures were a bit up and down so I knew I had a lot of work to do to make the slot popular. I love a challenge so I took it on and it paid off!


You have come a long way since your time on commercial radio; what has been your most memorable so far?


Memorable moments include interviewing my favourite Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit in front of a live audience, meeting the LFC team and of course hitting record listening figures.


The Old School Hour is one of the features in your show. What era was your favourite and why? 


I love the 80s and 90s and more so the 60s and 70s as I feel Bollywood music was just on a different level then. It’s a combination of the lyricists, composers and the vocalists like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Mukesh just to name a few.


You have interviewed people from a range of backgrounds which include sports, television, and singers. Is it safe to say your best work was on the LFC Podcast, Anfield Index?


Not really, for me getting access to the LFC players like Steven Gerrard, Glen Johnson and the manager Brendan Rodgers was a real coup not just for me but the station too.


You are a huge Liverpool fan. Title hopes?


I think this is one of the best seasons we’ve had in a long while so I’m staying optimistic that we could go for the title. Even if we don’t win the title, getting Top 4 would also be fab.


Do you think Brendan Rodgers should have signed anyone for the January Transfer window?


A new signing like Mata or Salah would have been great but we seem to doing pretty well with the current squad.


If you could take one player from any other club in the Premier League; who would be a good fit for Liverpool; who would it be?


I think Sergio Aguero could fit nicely into the squad, just a back up in case Suarez or Sturridge were to get injured.


You have recently turned your hand to designing with a new clothing line venture – has this always been a dream?


I’ve always had a real interest in fashion which I get from my mum who loves her clothes! Many people don’t know but I set up my own clothing boutique when I was 21 and I ran the business for over 3 years so that desire for fashion has stayed with me. I’ve now designed some outfits and I am very excited about the launch of Noreen Khan Couture.


Tell me about family life?


I’m the youngest of 8 so yes I do have a huge family but I love it and wouldn’t want it any other way.


You are known for your quirky Desi Twitter trends. Which one has had the best and funniest responses?


I started a hashtag once which was ‘3 words Asians hate’ and it started trending which was hilarious!                                                                     


Who is your role model?


My parents have always been my role models and professionally I admire strong, independent females who excel in their field of work.


Quick Fire (Pick One)

  1. Birmingham or London: London
  2. Bhangra or Bollywood: Bollywood
  3. Night or a Morning Person: Night
  4. Who would you rather have LFC play against: United or Everton: United
  5. Cricket or Football: Football
  6. Curly Hair or Straight? Curly
  7. Subways or Nandos: Nandoooooos!
  8. Desi Chai or English Chai: Desi
  9. Apple or Samsung: Apple


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