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Hrithik Priyanka descended into London to promote their upcoming film


Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra descended into London last month to promote their upcoming film Krrish 3. 


Krrish 3 is the the sequel of Krrish (2006) and the third film in the superhero franchise which started with Koi Mil Gaya in 2003.


The two actors spoke to our Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik about the film, its music, crossing-over and much more…

You are going to Apple Store on Regent Street for a special podcast. How did the association between Krrish 3 and Apple come about?


Hrithik:  Wow, that just came out of nowhere (laughs). A lot of records have been broken by Krrish 3 and I think, somewhere Apple took notice of the various aspects of the film that were gaining curiosity all over the world. We had amazing number of hits on YouTube for the trailer and we had a live Facebook launch.

Priyanka: Also, Krrish 3 is a very tech-heavy movie. Apple is synonymous with innovation and so is Krrish 3. It made for a great association.


Hrithik said that you didn’t like the first version of the trailer and he had it changed. Did you expect the new trailer to go viral then?

Priyanka: I have always believed that this film has the potential of being one of the best films that India has created in the sci-fi genre. I also believe that it is one of Rakesh Roshan’s best films. It has everything that you need in a film; a great story, a superhero, a villain who has an army of mutants and most importantly, it has soul. I always knew that the film has all this but I never thought that the trailer will be watched over seventeen million times just on YouTube. It has beaten the trailer views of films like Thor and The Avengers despite of being a Hindi language film.

In Krrish we saw a lot of romance and comedy. How much of that will we see in Krrish 3?

Hrithik: It eventually boils down to how entertained you are when you watch the film. Krrish 3 is entertainment from the word ‘go’. We are introducing a super villain who has his own growth as a character. I won’t reveal much but there is a growth to Vivek Oberoi’s character which will shock you. We are also introducing a new generation of villains to our audiences called ‘Manvars’.

Priyanka: They are Kaal’s army who are a mutation of animals and humans which is really interesting. There are also laughs in the film like you asked. We also have Rohit, who is adorable.


You are playing a triple role according to reports…

Hrithik: It’s actually two and a half as I play Rohit, Krishna and Krrish.

You will be seen in two roles in the film as well…

Priyanka: Again, it’s actually one and a half (laughs). There is a duality in my character. It takes a spin from good to evil.

You are also an international recording artist now. Did you give inputs to what the soundtrack should be like?

Priyanka: No, not at all. It’s not my place. This is Rakesh Roshan’s movie and he is way too senior for me to ever say something like that.

Hrithik: That’s a thought that never crossed my mind. Next time, I should take you up on that.

Priyanka: You should (laughs).


Kites was touted to be a ‘cross-over’ film. Now people are talking about the international standard of the special effects of Krrish 3. How do you see your film doing abroad?

Hrithik: No film can ever be made to cross over. A film is a film and if it’s liked by audiences across the borders and it transcends the boundaries of languages, then it has a life of its own. You really can’t make a film to cross-over. When we made Kites, it was not an attempt to cross-over. We were just being honest to the film we wanted to make. People assumed that it was made as a cross-over film because it had a lot of English in it. That was just out of logic because the central characters spoke two different languages. Anyways, Krrish 3 is already crossing over to audiences that are not used to Hindi cinema. If that is something that we go by, then we have a lot to look forward to in terms of the scope of the market of Indian films.


Why should UK audiences go and watch the film?

Priyanka: Well, the audiences are already familiar with most of the characters like mine and Hrithik’s. Added to that, we have a new aspect of sci-fi to which is not something Hindi cinema audiences see usually. It’s a big super hero franchise which has been loved with a great story along with Indian values. Also, which superhero can dance? Tell Iron Man to break into krumping… That ain’t gonna happen (sic) (laughs).


Krrish 3 releases on 1st November.

Photos: Anjum Shabbir


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