The Brand New Sonu Singh Brings us Debut Single


Sonu so Sona! Judho Langda….

The Brand New Sonu Singh, who has been working with the notorious Dalvinder Singh to bring us debut single is finally ready to take his stand! The superb folk singer who has been blessed with the natural ability to bring strong vocals to his lyrics shows himself with the new single “Judho Langda”.

“Judho Langda” has been produced by the renowned Dalvinder Singh, who brings his wealth of experience into aiding Sonu on his first affair with the Bhangra industry. 

They both promise much more is yet to come with 3 singles already near completion, gigs planned and some further strong collaborations yet to come. 

Sonu is a dedicated artist who has been working hard behind the scenes to bring himself to where he currently stands, he has spoken about how he feels running up to the release of his debut single. 

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