A Divine Idea for New Business


Artist explores passion for Hindu faith through art and design

A MUM from Blyth is hoping to turn her passion for Hindu art in to a flourishing business!

Michelle Temperley-Laverick has turned her back on her former office work to set up Temperley-Studio.com where she designs her own art, alternative jewellery and clothing including Hindu art and jewellery with a view to sell her Hindu paintings and the design rights to her impressive collection to manufacturers of ethnic jewellery, fashion and celebrating and blessing cards and more.

The business was inspired by her Nanna Catherine Temperley who sadly passed away 10 years ago and gave her the best start in life she could.

Michelle found comfort in turning her attention to Hinduism, which helped her through her bereavement, and after great study and devotion, a much inspired Michelle picked up her paint brush decided to explore her passion for the Hindu faith and culture through art and design.

Her ‘Love and Devotion’ collection has received much praise from religious leaders, and cultural organisations which features a number of popular Hindu gods and Goddesses in various sizes. Her Hindu jewellery is also a big part of this fantastic collection. Michelle is hoping that her original depiction of them will appeal to companies producing religious, spiritual interest and ethnic goods, as well as feature in some of her own customised handmade jewellery.

Whilst very much in its infancy, the business has great potential as she is very ambitious and wildly creative with the bonus of business knowledge.

Michelle said: “It has been a long journey for Temperley-studio.com as I was qualified in textile design, and achieved certification Entrepreneur scholarship in business, but ended up working in I.T and Administration and initially began painting to get me through a very difficult time in my life but as my collection of paintings and design grew I realised that I had something that could be turned in to a business. My husband Andrew Laverick and I are working hard on the newly started website which launched Jan 2013.

Michelle began to recognise the commercial potential in her work. 

“I am now looking to hold exhibitions to showcase my work later this year,” she added.

“Regardless of the nature of a business, setting up your own business demands commitment and dedication and I intend on doing just that”.


You can view Michelle’s work at www.Temperley-studio.com


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