Make your favourite rice recipes healthier with Asda


Why a ‘Healthy Food Swap’ from white rice to wholegrain is the right choice

ASDA is very excited to support customers embarking on a health kick this New Year.

Research has shown that by changing eating habits and incorporating ‘healthy food swaps’ people are more likely to maintain a healthy diet over a long time. 

According to the NHS, switching from white rice to the wholegrain brown version is not only more beneficial to health as it is more nutritious, but it also helps to sustain the feeling of being fuller for longer as it is digested more slowly.

With rice being the main ingredient for the majority of dishes for the South Asian community, simply switching over to wholegrain brown rice is an easy step in the right direction.  Unlike white rice, the top layer containing the bran, which is associated with numerous health benefits, is not polished away in the brown version.  Wholegrain brown rice also has a more distinct nuttier taste.

Asda stores nationwide stock Tilda Wholegrain Basmati rice – with its unique fragrant and delicate Basmati grain.

Helen Yates, Customer Planning Manager for the ethnic ranges in Asda said: “We at Asda understand the varied tastes of our customers. With people from all different ethnic backgrounds shopping at our store, we are committed to providing all cooking ingredients they may require.  During this time of the year when customers are trying to adapt their diets to make positive changes to their lifestyle, we are proud to stock a wide range of nutritionally beneficial foods which meet everyone’s needs.”    

Dr Sarah Schenker; Independent Nutritionalist said:“ I would really encourage people to introduce wholegrain brown Basmati to their diet as such a simple change to a family meal benefits everyone’s health enormously, not only can it help with weight management but it provides lots of essential nutrients we need to keep ourselves healthy through these winter months. Wholegrain Basmati rice is tasty, versatile and simple to cook so it can easily be incorporated into any family favourite meal.



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