Gold chain thief sentenced


Lafaire Manning sentenced to 21 months in Young Offenders’ Institution

A MAN who snatched a gold chain from an Asian woman in Smethwick, Birmingham has been jailed.

Lafaire Manning, aged 18, was arrested by officers on Smethwick High Street on 15 April after officers received an emergency call relating to an Asian gold chain having been snatched from around a woman’s neck.

The lady, who was aged 42 at the time of the incident, was walking near to the Red Fort Social Club when two young men approached her and ripped the chain from around her neck.

A description of the offenders was given and police quickly arrived in the area to search for possible suspects. Two men were stopped by police on Galton Bridge and, following a search, were arrested in connection with the incident.

Manning was charged with robbery and was found guilty of this offence last month. He was sentenced to 21 months in a Young Offenders’ Institution when he appeared before Wolverhampton Crown Court on 25 November.

The second arrested man, Aidan Sibble, from Wednesbury, faced a charge of Handling Stolen Goods. He was also found guilty of this offence.

Detective sergeant Craig Harris, from Sandwell CID, said: “Manning committed an offence where he preyed on a lone woman and robbed her of her jewellery whilst she was out in Smethwick town centre.

“The quick response of officers led to Manning and Sibble being arrested swiftly in connection with the robbery and charged with this offence.

“I hope the victim can feel comforted that the person who robbed her of her chain is now serving a custodial sentence.

“We continue to urge people to be security conscious and to think about their personal safety when out and about.

“Items such as gold necklaces and other jewellery are attractive to thieves and we urge people to be mindful of this when wearing such items.”




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