Online honour for India’s war dead


Commonwealth War Graves Commission launches new education website

AS Britain and the Commonwealth prepare to mark Remembrance Day, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has launched a new website about the often-overlooked contribution and sacrifices made by the people of Undivided India during the two world wars.

“Forever India” tells the remarkable story of some of the millions of Indians who left their homes in order to fight for the Allied cause.

India’s contribution during both world wars was vital and its involvement should never be forgotten. More than 160,000 servicemen and women died and are commemorated by the Commission in fifty countries around the world. Their stories of bravery and sacrifice are both inspirational and sobering.

The Forever India website is the result of a joint project between the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Indian government – who are one of six governments that fund the Commission’s work.

Alan Pateman-Jones, Director General of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission said: “The Commission’s new Forever India website tells a powerful story of which many people remain unaware. Forever India will allow young people to explore Commonwealth history in a broader context and to uncover some personal accounts from the people of Undivided India who served and died, but whom the Commission continues to honour at memorials and cemeteries around the world.”

Forever India can be found at


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