Life is like a Game of Football for Jag Shoker


Birmingham author writes self-help book based on the beautiful game

LIFE really is like a game of football according to one Birmingham author who has written a self-help book using the beautiful game as an inspirational tool for readers.

Jag Shoker, a 34-year-old self-confessed football fan, hopes the high, lows and challenges of the game will inspire readers to raise their game, whether at work, in their personal lives or in their sport of choice.

He has used poetry to communicate his ideas with an amazing 101 verses making up his book ‘Playing the Beautiful Game’.

Jag, a regional business development director for Barclays Bank who had professional football trials for Birmingham City FC when he was younger, has used his background as a self-development coach to write the book which he hopes will provide the motivation to do more, be more and accomplish more in all aspects of life.

Speaking to the Asian Today, Jag revealed how he came up with the idea to write the book.

“One evening a few friends and I were chatting about how our characters really shape the way we play the game of football,” he said.

“Having worked as a self-development coach for a number of years and having had professional football trials when I was younger my mind naturally started thinking about how we could play the game more effectively or should I say more beautifully. I started to write a few verses day by day and before I knew it I’d written 101 of them which now make up the book.”

The book took Jag seven months to write and he hopes it will help inspire readers across all aspects of their lives.

“The book began life drawing upon what practical wisdom we could gain from a football pitch but as I was writing it a few of my friends and family that had read the early version of the verses said the book made them think about many different areas of their lives,” he said.

“For some the book was useful when trying to progress at work, others found it useful when reflecting upon personal challenges whilst others found it useful when thinking about excelling in other sports such as tennis or even martial arts. I hope a real benefit of the book will be that the reader can find his or her own meaning in it.”

Jag hopes to follow his debut book with many more – and if he need’s inspiration he knows the perfect book to help him on his journey!


Playing the Beautiful Game, by Jag Shoker, is available to buy now priced £9.99


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