Sex offender Jailed


14 years for Rajwinder Dhami

A 35-year-old man convicted of child abuse has been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

Rajwinder Dhami of Whinfell Way, Gravesend, Kent was found guilty of over 20 serious sexual offences, including rape and was sentenced at Coventry Crown Court.

The offences took place in Coventry over a ten year period between 2000 and 2010.

Investigating Officer Detective Constable Helen Waite said: “The victim in this case has been extremely brave to come forward to the police and to partake in the court case by telling us about the traumatic experience he endured for a number of years. The sentence passed reflects the gravity of the offences,”

“However, it’s important offenders aren’t able to escape punishment for terrible child abuse offences – and the family’s decision to come forward has been justified with the judge’s decision to put Rajwinder Dhami behind bars for many years.

“The case also highlights how it’s never too late to report offences as we can investigate and prosecute abuse that may have occurred several years ago.

“I’d encourage any victims of abuse to come forward: we have specialist officers trained to sympathetically care for victims and guide them through the investigation and court process.”


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