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Police Officer Sonny Kalar on being a contestant on BBC gameshow Total Wipeout

IT’S a show that makes us laugh every time – the sight of grown men and women plummeting into the water moments after bouncing off a giant rubber ball.

But while we’re getting our kicks sitting comfortably on our living room sofas, what is life like for those daredevil contestants?

37-year-old Sonny Kalar, a police officer for the Metropolitan Police from Berkshire will bounce onto our TV screens this month as he aims to win the Total Wipeout challenge. A life coach, as well as a marital arts instructor, he recently returned from Argentina where he filmed his efforts for Series 4 of the popular gameshow.

Here he reveals what life was like behind-the-scenes on Total Wipeout…


“There I was the Kung Fu cop ready to take on the might of the qualifier and tackle the precarious big red balls in the searing Argentinean sunshine.

Yes that’s right I was one of the lucky few who successfully made it to Buenos Aires to take part in the BBC show Total Wipeout.

The stakes were high as they dangled the carrot of £10,000 for the eventual winner. I braced myself as I stood at the top of the ramp praying that I got through the course in one piece.

After completing my shout out, I heard the sound of the hooter and rolled into action on my quest. The rest was a rip roaring, slugfest of stamina, endurance and determination as I negotiated the demonic obstacles that had been nefariously set to snare me on my journey.

The entire experience was exhilarating and it truly was a trip of a lifetime. The feeling of actually being on the course was surreal especially when I knew that millions of people across the nation would be watching when the show was aired, and that every faux pas, spoonerism and embarrassing moment would be highlighted in grizzly detail.

To get on the show was another thing entirely and the auditions were long and gruelling. You had to be interesting, up for a laugh, entertaining and also have something about you that was a little different.

In my case, aside from the crazy kung fu moves that I displayed to the friendly production team on the day, I would guess it was the combination of being a Martial Arts instructor, a Police officer and author that may have landed me the opportunity.

My website – describes my Brit-Asian books as spicy and thrilling, but little did I know that the spices and thrills were also awaiting me on the purpose built Total Wipeout course just one hour north of Buenos Aires.

Behind the scenes there were a host of production people all ensuring things ran smoothly. The entire trip was all expenses paid and you were even given spending money to go and feast on the steak of your choice along with exploring this wonderful and surprisingly European feeling city of Buenos Aires, which was the icing on the top of an already delicious tasting cake.

All in all, if you ever get the opportunity race down to your nearest audition and do all you can to get on the show as I promise you it will be a memory that will stay with you until the very last breath.

To find out my fate and that of the other competitors, you will have to tune in to see on one of the eight episodes being shown this month.

Find out more about my experience at

 Would I do it all again – with bells on!”


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