Walsall man jailed for electoral fraud


Twelve week sentence for Ali Hayder Munir

A WALSALL man has been jailed for electoral fraud.

Ali Hayder Munir, 30, was jailed for 12 weeks at Birmingham Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to two offences relating to making false applications for proxy votes to Walsall Council’s elections office.

Munir was handed a six week prison sentence for each offence, which will run consecutively.

Detective Sergeant Paddy Gillece of West Midlands Police, Force CID said: “In his summing up Judge INMAM QC mentioned that the most important feature of our democratic process is that it must be free from corruption.

“He continued to say the court has a duty to protect it and that any individual involved in electoral fraud will inevitably attract a custodial sentence.

“West Midlands Police together with the Crown Prosecution Service and local authorities treat all incidents of election fraud seriously and we hope that the court has sent a clear message to those who may be considering such activities about the serious consequences “.


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