Charity to join in tuition fee demo


The Coexistence Trust to take part in London student march

MEMBERS of a charity that works to bring Muslim and Jewish students together will be taking part in a national demo in London tomorrow to oppose Government plans to raise university tuition fees.

The Coexistence Trust has received concerns from both The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) about how the proposals will limit access to higher education and impact poorest students the hardest.

FOSIS fear interest on loans runs contrary to Islamic law and will deter Muslim students while the UJS has expressed concerns that Jewish students could be “priced out” of higher education.

Members of The Coexistence Trust will join members of FOSIS and the UJS along with thousands of other students who are expected to take part in We Will March: Funding Our Future – Stop the Cuts demonstration.

The demonstration has been organised by the NUS and the UCU (University and College Union) and will see supporters march through central London.

Shahnaz Ahsan, student engagement manager at the Coexistence Trust, said: “We are supporting the NUS demonstration because the current plans risk putting young people off going to university.

“It could have serious implications for the participation of Muslim students in higher education, as many come from some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK, and for some the proposals go against their adherence to Islamic teachings where interest is prohibited.”

Linzi Marks, from the Coexistence Trust, added: “We agree with FOSIS and UJS that Muslim and Jewish students will be adversely affected by rises in tuition fees, and we look forward to meeting up with individuals from both umbrella organisations at the demonstration.”

The We Will March: Funding Our Future – Stop the Cuts demonstration will begin at 11.30am from Horse Guards Avenue in Westminster, London.



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