Asian women ‘targetted’ for gold jewellery


Midland police officers issue warnings

ASIAN women are being targetted in the street by thieves who snatch gold necklaces before fleeing, police in Wolverhampton have revealed.

The area has seen a rise in the number of Asian women victims aged between 25 – 60 over the past few weeks, police have revealed.

In a direct appeal to the readers of The Asian Today, detectives from West Midlands Police urged Asian women to be extra vigilant when out and about.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police told The Asian Today women should “try and cover up neck jewellery where possible.”

“Although we have seen an increase in the frequency of this particular crime, we would like to make it clear that the likelihood of becoming a victim of street robbery is still very small.

“While we would encourage women in the city to be extra vigilant we do not want them to worry unnecessarily,” the spokesman added.

West Midlands Police officers are working hard to trace the offenders and bring them to justice.


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