ICC back Pakistan ‘home’ matches in England


‘They have the support away from Pakistan’, ICC President David Morgan says

THE ICC has backed the prospect of Pakistan playing their ‘home’ matches in England.

ICC President David Morgan said the move would guarantee Pakistan do not come isolated from the game following the terror attack against the Sri Lankan team earlier this month.

Pakistan will play a ‘home’ series against Australia in Dubai and Abu Dhabi next month, while the prospect of the team setting up camp in England was originally mooted by ECB chairman Giles Clarke last October.

“They seem to want to play in England, and there will be a great deal of support should they want to play in England or Wales, with the Pakistani population in those two nations,” Morgan told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The important thing is not to reduce the volume of international cricket, and I believe the other nations are very keen to give them every support.”

He added it was important for other cricket teams not to isolate the country in the wake of its security issues.

“It’s produced some of the world’s most attractive cricketers for 30 years, household names, perhaps disproportionately to any other country,” Morgan said. “It’s important that other Full Members recognise the significance of playing against Pakistan.”


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