Internet awareness for Muslim mums


E-safety classes to help mothers learn about net dangers

A LONDON council has today launched an “e-safety” online class for Muslim mothers – with pointers on how to detect if teenagers are being drawn to extremist websites.

A group of 30 mothers have signed up for a one-day session with Harrow Council which will explain the basics of new media.

The session will also help Muslim mothers detect signs that their children may be logging onto websites which promote terrorism or extremism, often through graphic videos.

Members of the class signed up after details of the council-led initiative were passed through local Madrassahs, the Muslim equivalent of Sunday schools.

Cllr Chris Mote, portfolio holder for community and cultural services, said: “Our approach to this class is that trying to filter or control what children see on the web is futile – most children are well aware of how to ‘cover their tracks’ online.

“We want mums to be aware of the full range of what’s available on the web, both good and bad. The difficult reality is that children can be ‘groomed’ online – either by would-be sexual predators or people with extremist views – so want to promote an honest discussion between children and parents about the internet.”


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