Radio station apologises over ‘Koran verse’ song


Galaxy FM suspend DJ and Producer

A NATIONAL radio station has suspended a DJ and producer after a song featuring verses from the Koran was played on air.

The Birmingham arm of Galaxy FM said an investigation had been launched following the airing of ‘Arab Money’ by American rapper Busta Rhymes at the end of November.

A DJ and producer, who have not been named, have also been suspended, the station confirmed.

A statement released by the station said: “On the evening of Saturday 29th November at Nine fifty eight pm Galaxy broadcast a song that has caused offence to many of its listeners. This song was Busta Rhymes – Arab Money, a record that is publicly available and released by Universal Motown Records.

“Galaxy would like to apologise to all our listeners for the airing of this song, it was never Galaxy’s intent to offend its listeners’ and never will be.

“A full internal investigation has now commenced. Galaxy would like to apologise for any offence however unintentionally caused.”

A spokesperson from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee welcomed the swift response by the station.

“It is rare for any media organisation to take such actions and so fast. Many organisations often justify their anti-Muslim behaviour as opposed to acknowledging it, apologising and taking swift action against those responsible. Galaxy’s behaviour needs to be recognised by Muslims,” the spokesperson said.

Some reports have suggested the song, which was also played on Galaxy Manchester, has featured little on UK radio for fear of offending British Muslims.


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