Muslims offered Islamic Wills backed by Sharia Law


Nottingham law firm launches Sharia Law service

A NOTTINGHAM based law firm is to offer Muslims the chance to write their Wills that are compliant with Sharia Law.

The private client team at Nottingham law firm Berryman has unveiled details of a new service launched by its Wills & Probate specialists, which will deliver tailored advice to ensure Muslims meet their religious obligations with a Will that is Sharia Law compliant.

The new service is being led by Berryman’s Shaheda Oppal, who believes the dedicated Sharia Law service is one of the first in the area:

“Whilst the East Midlands has a substantial and growing Muslim community, there’s only one or two law firms in the whole region that provide a dedicated Sharia Law Will writing and consultation service.

“Writing a Will is clearly an important step for everyone, but for Muslims there are a number of vital requirements and factors that must be considered and addressed if a Will is to be in accordance with Sharia Law and fulfil an important religious duty. We believe this is a process that can only be properly executed by a lawyer expert in Islamic law.”

Since UK law does not recognise Islamic marriages or divorces, an Islamic Will is often the only way Muslim spouses and their dependants can be guaranteed shares of an estate to which they are entitled under Sharia.

“If you should die without leaving a Will, you are deemed to have died ‘intestate’, and your wealth will be distributed in line with the English laws of intestacy,” explains Shaheda, “which do not apply the same criteria as those laid down by Sharia Law.

“So it is critical that Muslims produce a Will to ensure their family is provided for. Moreover, it is a religious duty to have a Will to deal with their estate.”


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