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Singer helps inspire Asian kids into football

ASIAN Bhangra artist H Dhami delivered a coaching session to Lodge Primary School to use his iconic figure to inspire the youngsters to get into football and help implement the FA’s Vision and National Game Strategy initiatives which hopes to proactively open the game further to all corners of the community.

H Dhami who recently gained the FA Level 1 coaching certificate undertook the course to years 5 and 6 at the predominantly Asian primary school in West Bromwich, Birmingham.

“Today has been an excellent day in giving me the opportunity to implement the skills and knowledge I have learned from my FA Level 1, as well as giving the kids an inspiration to get into football”, he said.

“Kids are our future and by concentrating in developing kids skills at an early age will hopefully give them the first steps into taking the game further and maybe we will see one of these kids today on the pitches of one of the big clubs.”

The singer undertook the session with the help of West Bromwich Albion’s Hat trick Officer Dave Lawrence as well as the BCFA’s Football Development officer Mike Smethurst and George Salters Community Education & Sports Development Manager Rus Smith.

H Dhami is the ideal inspiration to youngsters, proving that with hard work, dedication and motivation you can fulfill your dreams, as he has succeeded to do within the realm of music.

“Football still remains a passion of mine and I stand fully behind the FA’s Vision plan and I am geared into particularly helping Asian kids to get into football as I understand from first hand experience the many obstacles that Asian kids face entering a profession that sits outside from the traditional norms.

“I believe that there is huge potential in the Asian community to create a number of top flight footballers and coaches and by taking part in coaching youngsters I hope to break down some barriers and help youngsters to get more involved in the ‘beautiful game’”.

As well as coaching H Dhami took part in a question and answer session to give the kids an opportunity to fire questions on his music and his passion for football. H also gave the kids an insight into his rise to stardom and highlighted the importance of education.

“Education is important. My parents urged me to get a strong education before entering the music industry which I am very thankful for as it gave me the foundations into making me into who I am today.”

H Dhami hopes to take every opportunity from his busy schedule to continue his work into inspiring Asians to get into football and hopes to visit several more schools up and down the county.


By Sunny Sahota


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