Gandhi concert to ‘promote peace’

A CONCERT promoting the non-violent teachings of Mahatma Gandhi is set to take place this weekend in London.

The Gandhi Tour Benefit Concert will see an array of performers take to the stage this Saturday at London’s historical Kingsley Hall.

The event, which will mark the final event of the Festival of Nonviolence – an event which was organized to commemorate the years that have passed since the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, is being endorsed by Arun Gandhi, grandson of the great Indian figure.

“We still have a long way to go to combat violence in our societies and every effort by every individual goes a long way towards planting the seeds of nonviolence and peace”, Arun said.

Walsall-based artist Khaliq has been lined up to perform at the concert.

Khaliq, who has been described as the modern-day Bob Dylan, performed at the Muslim Writers Awards held in Birmingham earlier this month.


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