Police hunt ‘Burqa’ jeweller robber

POLICE are hunting a group of men – one of which pretended to be a Muslim woman – who robbed an Asian jewellers in Birmingham.

The man, wearing a Burqa and pushing an empty pushchair, was part of a group who robbed Friends Jewellers in Cape Hill, Smethwick yesterday lunchtime.

Five men, with their faces covered, entered the store armed with hammers. They smashed display cabinets and sprayed four members of staff with an unknown substance, police said.

The men made off on foot with a quantity of jewellery across the road to waiting vehicles in Salisbury Street.

The waiting cars are believed to be an Audi A4 or RS 4 model and a silver mini with a black roof.

The offenders are all believed to be Asian, dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered. One offender was thought to be wearing a full-length burqa garment. He entered the store with an empty pushchair and was described as ‘pretending’ to be female.

The four members who were sprayed with the substance were not seriously injured but did suffer a small amount of redness to skin.

The owner of the premises is offering a reward for information which leads to a conviction.

Police are urging anyone who witnessed the incident or information with anyone with information to call the robbery team at Smethwick police station on 0845 113 5000 or crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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