‘I can’t believe this has happened to me’

A BIRMINGHAM woman has admitted she is still shaking two weeks after slicing open an aubergine to find the Arabic word for ‘Allah’ inscribed within the seeds of the vegetable.

Mother-of-two Najma Mahmood told The Asian Today she was still coming to terms with her “miracle” discovery made over two weeks ago.

She revealed how a routine cooking chore at her family home in the Yardley area of Birmingham led to the amazing discovery.

Speaking exclusively to The Asian Today, Mrs Mahmood could not hold back her excitement as she revealed the moments leading up to the discovery.

“It was two weeks ago on Sunday and my husband had just returned from the Al-Halal supermarket on Coventry Road with some aubergines”, she said.

“I began slicing the aubergines and usually when I’m cooking I don’t really pay much attention. When I came to the third aubergine, I noticed that the word Allah was written in it, but it wasn’t clear like the way Allah should be written in Arabic. So, I didn’t really pay much attention to it. When I cut the same aubergine again, I glanced down at the seeds and this time the word Allah was staring back at me. I was totally shocked and I just froze. I couldn’t stop shaking, all I kept thinking was ‘oh my god’.”

Mrs Mahmood immediately showed the aubergine to her husband who compared the seeds to a religious picture in the couples home which bore the name of ‘Allah’.

To the surprise of the duo the seeds in the aubergine were an identical match to the picture.

Still shaking Mrs Mahmood ventured to a neighbours house where an Imam was present for a religious gathering.

He too confirmed that the aubergine did in fact bear the name of Allah.

Since the discovery Mrs Mahmood has been inundated with visitors wishing to see the religious miracle in the flesh.

“I have read about this sort of thing in the papers before, but have never experienced it happening to me or my family”, Mrs Mahmood said.

“I was surprised and shocked at the same time. I have taken it to my children’s school and showed it to teachers at the school as well as other parents, who said that I was very lucky and blessed to find something like this.”

Mrs Mahmood is hoping to keep the aubergine for as long as she can after preserving it in white vinegar.

She is also considering allowing her local Mosque to put the aubergine on show to allow more Muslims the chance to see the miracle.

But for now, Mrs Mahmood is still coming to terms with what many describe as a sign from god.

“Every morning I wake up and look at it over and over again”, she said. “It’s just amazing. For me it’s a sign from god, it is a blessing from Allah.”

Mrs Mahmood’s discovery is one of many across the world which have seen a number of vegetables and fruits sliced open to reveal the Arabic inscription which means God in Islam.


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