Missing Girl denies she was Kidnapped


* Molly Campbell & Sajad Ahmed Rana

A 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL who was at the centre of a child abduction search has
told news reporters she does not want to return to her mother in Scotland.

It was feared 12-year-old Molly Campbell, who now wants to be called Misbah, had been abducted by her father Sajad Ahmed Rana and taken to Pakistan against her will.

But at a press conference in Lahore, the teenager appeared relaxed and said she chose to go to Pakistan with her father and had no wish to return to her mother in Stornoway, Scotland.

She said: “It was my choice. I asked my sister if I could go with her. I would like to stay in Pakistan with my father and my name isn’t Molly, it is Misbah.

“I knew my mum would miss me, but I miss my family. I had to live with my mum and I wanted to live with my family. I thought I could live with my dad and I could still see my mum.”

The teenager lived with her mother, Louise Campbell, and her partner Kenny Campbell.

On the day of alleged abduction Misbah boarded a flight to Glasgow with her sister, 18-year-old Tahima who lives in Pakistan, where they were met by their father.

All three boarded an Emirates flight to Lahore shortly after.

At a press conference the teenagers mother told reporters her daughter was being forced into an arranges marriage and had been taken to Pakistan against her wishes.

Bur she was slammed by her son Omar Rana who claimed his mother lied about the arranged marriage to “blacken” his fathers name.

“For my mum to turn around saying that dad is doing the kidnapping is wrong”, he said.

“If anything, my mum is doing the kidnapping, taking my little sister away and not keeping in contact with the family.”

He added: “I spoke to Misbah in Pakistan and she said: ‘I’m really happy I’m here’. She said it was really, really hard in Scotland and ‘all I did was cry in my room’. She said my mum and Kenny were always fighting and she couldn’t take it.”

He explained that his sister’s return to Pakistan had been her own decision. When Mr Rana’s sister Tahmina visited last week, Misbah had pleaded with her to take her away. He said: “She said: ‘If you don’t get me out of here, I am going to run away myself’. She said ‘take me with you’.”

According to Mr Rana, Tahmina encouraged her sister to think the move over, then returned the following day. 

Sajad Ahmed Rana, is expected to file for legal custody of Misbah at a court in Lahore.


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