Sham Marriage Ringleader Jailed

AN ASIAN man who mastermined more than 80 scam marriages involving men from India has been jailed after he was rumbled by the police.

39-year-old Paul Singh was sentenced to five years imprisonment and recommended for deportation for his involvement in a bogus marriage scam.

Singh masterminded over 80 bogus marriages, police said, supplying brides and submitting Home Office applications with false supporting documents.

In one case a woman taking part in the scam married two different men on the same day.

Another seven people were also convicted as part of the scam with sentences ranging from community service to prison sentences.

DI Nick Downing who led the investigation against Singh said: “This was a major fraud that was taking place, being orchestrated by Singh. He was blatantly and illegally abusing the system for his criminal gain. This case shows that police can and will act to stop this illegality. Today’s sentence should act as a harsh warning that this is a

crime and that it will be treated seriously.”

The marriage scam came to light in July 2004 when News of the World investigative journalist, Mazher Mahmood, received information that someone was using the name of a reputable firm of solicitors to carry out an immigration scam, without the firm’s involvement or permission. This led the reporter to pose as an immigrant looking to stay in the country and meet up with Singh.

During the meeting Singh offered to arrange giving notice of a marriage in

Watford or East Ham saying he would organise the necessary documentation in a service he called “everything under one roof” for £8,500.

Police tracked Singh to his Flat in Cricklewood where they discovered blank Islamic marriage certificates, and documents, including passports in the name of his alias’ Jasbir Singh and Paul and Earnest Paul Oberoi.

Kalpana Pindoria, Singh’s girlfriend at the time of his arrest was given 140 hours community service and fined £750 after posing as a bride in a number of the scams under her own and false names.

Vimal Patel was given a 9 month prison sentence, Sunita debasia was given a suspended two year sentence, Janet Garvin was sentenced to four months, Faisal Khan, was sentenced to nine months, Sunita Dabasia was given a suspended two year sentence, and Kathleen Knox received 200 hrs Community service.


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