Devout family win home care battle

A MUSLIM family who wish to care for a brain-damaged family member at home have won their fight in the High Court.

The family of Syeda Ahsan, 48, wished to care for her at home so she could receive the “spiritual benefits” of daily prayer.

She is in a vegetative state after suffering two cardiac arrests after a hysterectomy operation at Leicester General Hospital in 2001.

But their bid was being blocked by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust who argued in court that they believed nothing would was of any benefit to her except for “maintenance nursing” and that she should stay at a nursing home near Loughborough.

Hospital bosses have said that 24-hour home care would cost £300,660 a year, as opposed to £178,919 in the nursing home.

Mrs Ahsan’s husband Dr Ahsan argued in court that his family struggled to make daily 40-mile trips from the family home to share prayers with Mrs Ahsan.

Her family have argued that despite an increase in costings for home care it was a reasonable request.

The High Court ruled against the Trust saying it was reasonable for Mrs Ahsan to live with her family.

Dr Ahsan said after the verdict: “Obviously we’re very pleased about the judgement and it has come as a great relief to us.

“We’re in negotiation with the hospitals trust about when she will home, but we don’t have a clear idea of when this will be yet.”

Mrs Ahsan’s husband Dr Manazir Ahsan, 59, was a leading member of the Muslim Council of Britain and worked with Inter Faith Network UK, while his wife had taught the Koran to women and children in the area.


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