Brum Charity to raise funds for Lebanese Refugees

BIRMINGHAM based charity Islamic Relief are set to raise more than £4 million for Lebanon refugees embroiled in the Middle East conflict.

The worldwide charity will use the money to provide emergency aid including food, water, blankets and medicine.

At least 300 people have been killed and more than 500 injured in the country after ariel bombardments from the Israeli army.

Over a thousand Britons in the country were rescused and brought back into the UK.

In Lebanon, thousands of civilians have fled southern villages, many of them on foot. 400,000 people are now thought to be displaced, with the numbers rising.

The Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora said 500,000 people had been displaced in the attacks.

Moustafa Osman, head of IRW’s Disaster Response Unit said: “We are deeply concerned for civilians affected by the crisis, including 700 orphans in Lebanon who are sponsored by Islamic Relief donors. We are trying to ensure people are not cut off from essential aid.”

Since the conflict began the charity has distributed medical supplies in the city of Saida where 27,000 displaced people have taken refuge.

Islamic Relief has provided mergency relief in Gaza and is working through a local partner in Lebanon. The charity has also been distributing emergency food and fuel in the area.


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