Brit Doctor Takes On Bollywood


Doctor takes Bollywood to the wards

A DOCTOR from Wales has brought his own mix of Indian film culture to a hospital ward as he bids to complete his first Bollywood movie.

Nikhil Kaushik, a consultant ophthalmologist from Wrexham Maelor Hospital has spent the last months filming his epic film about the trials and tribulations of an Indian doctor in the UK.

The film, ‘Bhavishya:The Future’ stars medical students Vikrant Gautam and Akansha Tyagi, both third-year students at Manchester Medical School, as well as veteran Bollywood star Saeed Jaffrey.

Mr Kaushik has not only written and directed the film, but lent a hand to editing as well as financing the whole project on his own.

He said: “The film gives a balanced and honest view of life in Britain for professionals particularly those in medical profession. This would be of great interest to anyone wanting to come over to the UK, for career and professional opportunities.

“At the same time there are things that will be of interest to young British Asians growing in the UK, about life and opportunities in our home countries.

“As the film is related to medical world, there are well meaning health related messages.”

Apart from Saeed Jaffrey the remaining cast have no professional acting experience – a point Mr Kaushik said would surprise the audience watching the film.

“I think the viewers will find it hard to believe that our actors are not professional actors, for they have given great performances”, he said.

“I am sure some of them would have a career in films, but they have assured me that they are not going to give up medicine.”

Mr Kaushik is hoping to have the film ready by the end of August.


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