Chelsea Singh Talks High Life at India Fashion Week


Big brother reality star Chelsea Singh was at India Fashion Week last night meeting and greeting fans across the carpet, over 20,000 people attended the exhibition while the ramp was being filled with Mumbai and Delhi models coming to the UK wearing Mumbai’s most elegant outfits.

The show started on Saturday and lasted until Sunday. Chelsea attended a press conference and meet and greet fans while one fan started to cry and faint on meeting him.

Sarah Holding said: “I can’t believe he came, he was on big brother and I’m a huge fan and he’s done so well for the asian community.”

Chelsea has recently bought a restaurant and said “I am very happy to come to the Excell and host in the very heart of London, its fantastic.” Singh is working on numerous projects since his abort from Big Brother. While he was discussing his next venture, he added that he is opening a new restaurant in Windsor opposite Windsor castle, costing over £1 mil. The business magnate has plans to venture into the US market.




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