Charity Right is thrilled to announce that Haroon Mota has joined the team as a brand ambassador, hoping to expand the organisation and have maximum impact on the lives of children in need all over the world.

Known as the ‘Marathon Man,’ Haroon has a demonstrable athletic history, becoming European kickboxing champion at age 17 and going on to study Sport and Exercise Science at Coventry University. More recently, he was awarded the Spirit of London Marathon Award for his fundraising efforts and completing eight London Marathons over 10 years.

With a passion for increasing diversity and inclusion in outdoor fitness, Haroon founded Muslim Hikers and the Active Inclusion Network, the largest online group of outdoor enthusiasts in the Muslim community with thousands of global followers.

His determination to improve diversity and make a change in the world aligns perfectly with Charity Right’s mission of providing school meals and education to every child. Additionally, his passion for the outdoors means he and Charity Right have a shared interest in food and the vital importance of nutrition on the human body.

Influenced by his father’s philanthropic endeavours, Haroon has been actively involved in charity work for 15 years, accumulating a wealth of experience to share with Charity Right. Over time, Haroon has raised millions for British Muslim charities by hiking Kilimanjaro and leading a group on a trek to Mount Everest Basecamp.

But Haroon’s athletic expertise was particularly evident when he completed a 260km run while fasting for Ramadan, raising £80,000 for the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

With Haroon on board, Charity Right plans to embark on more exciting outdoor fundraising activities and increase the awareness of their outstanding work of providing school meals to ensure every child can access education. Charity Right looks forward to collaborating with Haroon and his Active Inclusion network to make an impact on the lives of those in need.

“Charity work and fundraising is in my DNA… I want to use my resources and community to direct people to do good work and encourage others to get involved,” says Haroon. “Together, we can make a real impact to the lives of children in need.”

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