Punjabi singer/rapper Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, known as Sidhu Moosewala, was shot dead on Sunday 29 May at a village in Mansa district of Punjab, a day after his security cover was reduced by the State police. The police said the incident looked to be a result of an inter-gang rivalry.

Sidhu Moosewala, 28 was shot whilst driving his SUV and was declared dead when he was rushed to the Mansa Civil hospital.

State police chief VK Bhawra had said on Sunday that a Canada-based gangster had claimed responsibility for the attack.

But Moose Wala’s family demanded an apology from Mr Bhawra for linking the death to gang rivalry without a proper investigation.

Opposition leaders have questioned why the singer’s security cover was scaled back.

Police said that Moose Wala’s security detail had been reduced to two commandos from four, and that these officers weren’t travelling with the singer when he was attacked.

He was among over 400 people in Punjab whose security detail was withdrawn or scaled back recently by the government.

Moose Wala, known fiery lyrics and was one of Punjab’s biggest pop stars. He was also a controversial figure who had several brushes with the law.

Critics often called him out for promoting gun culture – a major concern in Punjab – through his songs and social media activity.

His death has shocked fans across the world, especially Canada. Social media was flooded with tributes, with many demanding justice for Moose Wala.





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