Birmingham man has been jailed for brutally attacking a bouncer with a baseball bat during violence which saw his two colleagues hit by a car.

Ravinder Soni was intent on ‘revenge’ after a brawl involving security staff at Floodgate Bar in Digbeth on May 7, 2020.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that he and another man went back to the scene with bats before knocking one of the bouncers, beating him and then mowing down two of the victim’s colleagues when they tried to help.

Soni, 31, of Knightlow Road, Harborne, admitted wounding with intent, inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

Soni was jailed for eight years.

Paul Spratt, prosecuting, said the initial bar fracas may have been fuelled by a phone being taken from Ravinder Soni.

About 40 minutes later he and another man returned in an Audi estate armed with baseball bats.

The door staff, who had been getting ready to leave, then went to another pub but, when one stepped outside, he was chased by the Audi at speed and hit by it, the court heard.

Soni and the driver then got out with the bats and attacked the victim, who had curled up into a ball.

Mr Spratt said two other bouncers tried to push the victim towards a fence when the Audi came back, again being driven at speed.

But they were both also struck by the car, one of them landing on the bonnet and pinned against a wall and shutter.

The Audi drove off but was abandoned after a crash and still at large.

Passing sentence Judge Sarah Buckingham said Ravinder Soni had drunk a “significant” amount of alcohol on the night.

She went on: “The only reason you came back was to seek revenge. You were looking for trouble and had armed yourselves.”

She said the defendant, who had a previous conviction for a similar offence, had a problem with his temper and sought retribution when his pride was hurt.

“It is very lucky they were not seriously injured or killed,” she said.



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