From must-haves to family favourites, Asda has everything you need this Diwali.


With the festive season around the corner, it’s time again for families across the UK to get together for delicious feasts, fun-filled parties and traditional ceremonies. This way, the next generation gets a better understanding of the festivities, customs and rituals. Year after year, the Diwali offers at Asda keep getting better! Taking away the stress of planning, there is an exciting range of brands and products available, all under one roof with amazing deals and discounts.

Since Diwali is celebrated with equal fervour by all, what makes it so special is how it brings different people together. From all over the Indian sub-continent, people from various culinary backgrounds unite to put their best ‘food’ forward.   This year, Asda is celebrating this richness of food cultures by doing something very special. ASDA has teamed up with three food influencers from diverse backgrounds who celebrate their Diwali rituals in their own traditional way, to inspire and motivate the food lover inside each one of us!



Having lived in Mumbai and London, Madhurima has adapted her style of cooking for global living but her true love for Indian food is still profound and deep. For the festive season, Madhurima has shared two dishes, without which her Diwali menu is incomplete. In Bengali culture, festivities begin much before Diwali and this gives ample time to make sweet and savoury delicacies for the family.

“Semolina, a versatile ingredient which I usually add to savouries for crunchiness – be it the cutlets, the fritters or croquettes and it is also the base of many sweet meats, my favourite being the Rava Laddoos. I can’t resist a Diwali without Rava Laddoos, I have already started making for all my friends and family. Stocking up semolina has become a must for every occasion as there’s so much I can do with it. “

Another ingredient which Madhurima loves to include in her Diwali cooking is dals, her favourite being the humble Chana Dal which goes into Chana Dal Puris, Chana Dal fritters and the Bengali Cholar Dal. In Bengali cooking, Chana Dal is cooked with coconut and spices and it’s a staple for all Bengali festivals.

Nitisha Patel


A champion of Indian cuisine, Nitisha strongly believes in innovative cooking but when it comes to festivities, she chooses to keep it traditional. A young Gujarati, living with her parents in Wolverhampton, Nitisha has already published her first book – My Modern Indian Kitchen.

For Nitisha, Diwali is about her childhood rituals and all those dishes that bring back those memories. In her list for Diwali must-haves, you will find a range of ingredients like nuts, spices, Basmati rice and potatoes. Her absolute favourites are cans of chickpeas, kala chana and kidney beans. She believes that with these three in her kitchen, she can create her family’s favourite Diwali meals effortlessly. “With so much going on during Diwali, I prefer using the canned beans and peas as it makes the cooking process quicker and it’s so convenient to dish up a fancy meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Kala chana masala with rotis are loved by the whole family and I can remember feasting on it as my fondest childhood memory.”

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Nisha Parmar


From investment banking to Masterchef, Nisha’s culinary journey is not just interesting but full of flavours from across the globe. During Diwali, her cooking inspiration usually is driven by the yearning to share the opulence of the festival with her kids.

Diwali is never a quiet affair in her household. Every year, they have a special feast where a large spread of food is laid out, comprising of party food and not the regular curry and roti.

Amidst all the festivities, Nisha ensures she cooks up a feast for the whole family. Her family favourites are the Indian street food flavours. Her kitchen is full of ingredients for this delicious street food as she enjoys serving a variety of chaats and tikkis to family and friends.

Chick-peas feature on top of her shopping list every time she pops over to her local ASDA. Perfect for salads, chaats, stews and curries, there is so much you can easily make with a can of chickpeas. Her family favourites are Aloo tikki chaat drizzled with tons of chutney and topped with sev.

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So, this Diwali, go ahead and create food memories with your family. Be it your family favourites, your childhood delights or traditional recipes, find all the ingredients at ASDA. With a range of brands and products available in select stores and online, make this Diwali truly special with ASDA!


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