Police have shamed a taxi driver for dumping his car in the middle of a city road in Sparkbrook.

The Toyota was seen blocking a residential street after it parked itself between two rows of cars.

The driver was slapped with a fine and shamed by West Midlands Police on Twitter.

Nearby, an Uber employee was also slammed for parking diagonally.

The silver vehicles were pictured with its back end sticking out into the road.

It was ticketed by police for causing an ‘unnecessary obstruction’.

Two other drivers were exposed over their badly parked cars during the same parking swoop.

A Mercedes van and a silver car were spotted and issued with fines on Conway Road, Gladstone Road and Clifton Road.

Sparkbrook Police tweeted the photos on Sunday, March 3.

They wrote: “We’ve given tickets out this morning to the below vehicles on Conway Road, Gladstone Road and Clifton Road for unnecessary obstruction.

“Fines are on the way! You CANNOT park like this.”


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