Side Partition are an upcoming London-based Indian band motivated by music and creativity. We are an experienced group of 7 versatile musicians, each with our own background and inspirations from the East and the West, which gives way to a refreshing and unique form of fusion music. Though our originals as well as covers, we aim to provide our fresh interpretation to Indian subcontinent music in various styles (inc. pop, rock, funk, jazz) with our USP being our multiple vocalists and their unique voices. The band name is derived from the amalgamation of genres; the music an unforgettable articulation of the beginning and the end.

Our Journey:

Side partition are hoping to bring to the UK scene the first live Asian Band act which will deliver fun and entertaining new singles and live shows. They started out their journey with BBC 4’s reality TV shows called UK’s best part Time Band, and have since gone on to do many live shows around the UK and the world. 2019 is the year Side Partition will be releasing their album and aiming to hit the global scene with their unique sound and build a global fan following.

music video of ‘Teri Hi Barqat’ below.

The song will release worldwide on 26.1.19

Please find the music video of ‘Teri Hi Barqat’ on the link below:


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