The council elections are coming up soon and it’s no surprise that there is a new party being launched in Kensington & Chelsea.  Candidates from Advance Together, a new party headed by born and bred Annabel Mullin, an ex-police officer, magistrate and PhD candidate, will be running in the elections on May 3rd.  “Representing local people in local decision making” is the mantra and why not, isn’t that local policy should be about?  Running for Advance are lawyers, journalists, mentors, psychologists, mediators, gardeners but most of all local residents of K&C, who understand the issues in the Borough – a better planning process with more transparency, an integrated education and mentoring programme and supported policing for a safer borough.  We spoke to Deepali Nangia, one of the candidates running for Holland Ward.

Explaining why she was standing for Advance Together, Deepali, business advisor to early-stage tech and non-tech businesses, said: “I have lived in the Borough for 15 years, my children were raised here, I take my dog out every day and I know we need more poo bins, I also know which streets need more lights to make them safer.  When I moved to the Kings Road area, there were many small boutiques and shops that no longer exist probably because they can’t afford the rates.  We need to support small businesses.  I also think there needs to be a better after-school coding program for children since coding is as important as other any language our children learn these days; it is almost a life skill.  Lastly, the council should be representative of the people living in the community – just like any other business, you need to understand your constituency like you need to understand your consumers”.

Annabel Mullin, leader of Advance Together, said: “The ‘advance’ movement we launched in November last year has generated a lot of interest and followers in the borough. We are thrilled that this grass-roots movement now has the status of a political party, and we can fight the local election on May 3 in an effort to bring long-awaited change to Kensington & Chelsea.  It’s our belief that local politics is better served by people independent of the narrow interests of national political parties.”

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