A young crook stole a pricey mobile phone from an unsuspecting shop owner in Small Heath.

CCTV showed the youngster who is thought to be around 16-years -old entering the shop shortly before closing pocketing an expensive iPhone 8 plus in the raid, holding on to the phone as an accomplice lingered near the doorway

He seized his opportunity and ran for the exit, closely followed by the shop owner.

But he struggled to catch up with the duo and they raced away from the scene.

Shop owner Altaf Hussain from Global Mobiles on Coventry Road said the theft of the expensive device would have a ‘huge effect’ on his already-struggling business.

He said: “A young lad came in the shop and said he wanted to buy a phone.

“He asked for the iPhone 8 but we only had the iPhone 8 plus – he said he wanted to show his mom as she was giving him the money to buy it.

“I don’t usually hand phones over to youngsters but on this occasion, he gave the impression his mum was heading to the shop.

“Another young lad then came in and stood near the doorway.

“I tried to take the phone back, but he quickly snatched it and bolted for the door.

“I chased after them, but they ran across the road and up a side street.

“Looking back, it was obviously pre-planned. They came in at around 6.45pm, just before closing time.

“I’ve had sleepless nights ever since. The business was already struggling after Christmas, this has just made it even worse.”

Police were investigating the incident and urged anyone with information to come forward.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “The theft of a phone has been reported.

“It is believed to have happened at around 6.45pm on Monday, February 12.

“Anyone with information can call 101 and quote crime reference number 20BW/35102D/18.”


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