A local hero did an exceptional act of courage by singlehandedly directed traffic at one of Birmingham’s busiest junction.

Steven Singh, a devout Sikh from Great Barr who during rush hour on the evening of Monday February 5 put his own life on the line at the well-known Scott Arms junction.

The 41-year-old jumped into action after seeing the traffic lights were not working and motorists were getting agitated.

Steven said “This was my good deed for the day! I was on my way to the gym coming over the motorway from Walsall and traffic wasn’t moving.

“The left-hand lane was clear, though, so I eventually got to the Kwik Fit on Queslett Road and witnessed the madness for myself. All of the lights were out, everyone was being so stubborn.

“Then I witnessed a lady crying in her car, she was really distressed because a geezer was effing and blinding at her. I went over to her and said ‘Don’t worry, I’m here now’.

“I told the bloke to shut his mouth and to put his car up on the pavement so other cars could get past. I didn’t want no stress.

“The Sikh in me came into action, the woman could have been my mother, daughter or wife.

I then thought to myself I’ve got to do something so I stood in the middle and helped direct the traffic until technicians arrived. I was there for a good 25 minutes.

“People were recording me on their Snapchats, people were driving past calling me a legend. I just used my logic and most of the cars were very good and stopped for me out of respect.

“I got offered a high-vis but I didn’t need one. I was doing it solo. I also managed to help an ambulance and six police cars get past. God put me there for a reason, I honestly think that.

“I just wanted to make sure everyone got home safe after a long day at work!

Some people said what is that, a bird, a plane, superman? People outside the Scott Arms pub even said I did a better job than the traffic lights.”

Steven, who had always wanted to be a policeman, added: “I was on my way to the gym but that was a workout in itself. I needed a pint after that and was given one on the house by the staff at the Scott Arms pub.

“I made a few people smile on Monday, I don’t need nothing else.”


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