A Muslim woman who was allegedly told she could not enter one of the fast-food chain outlet on Seven Sister’s Road in London while wearing a hijab has had an apology from McDonalds.

In footage recorded by the woman, who has decided to remain anonymous, she can be heard asking a worker why she can’t enter the restaurant

“Why can’t I come into McDonalds?” she asks. “Is it because I’m wearing a hijab? I’m sorry, but can you like please say it.”

“It’s just a matter of taking it off, then…” the man in the video replies, gesturing to his head.

“It’s not just a matter of taking it off, I wear this for religious reasons and I’m not ashamed of it,” the woman hits back.

She continues: “This is actually like a hate crime, this is a hate crime.”

Another customer then intervenes, telling the man – thought to be a security guard – that he cannot stop the woman from entering the store.

She then leaves the store without ordering any food, saying she’s “pretty full to the head right now”.

“When she started recording the incident, she was told to stop but thankfully didn’t. Thank you to the kind man who defended her against the security guard and employees at the store…”

She continued: “We will be contacting the relevant authorities to ensure this is dealt with. It is disgusting that hate crimes and discrimination are so prevalent in this country, especially in such a diverse city like London.

“We cannot be silent bystanders to this hate.”

McDonalds has since released an apology, saying it does not have a policy in place “which restricts or prevents anyone wearing a hijab, or any other religious dress, from entering the restaurant”.

“We welcome customers of all faiths and would like to apologise to the customer as this situation should not have taken place.

“We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are addressing this with the individuals involved.”

See video below:


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