A Mash up of the Pakistani and Indian Anthems


Pakistani & Indian Anthem Mashup goes viral on Pakistani Independence Day

Both countries have a complicated history over the Kashmir territory, which they have been clashing over since the 1947 partition.

However, People hope that the song will support to increase of symbol of harmony and acceptance amongst the countries. This song has been called a “peace anthem” and has singers from India and Pakistan, filming in the studio and on site around both nations.

It starts with, “When we open our borders to art, peace comes along” and finishes with “let’s stand together for peace”.

It was divided by Voice of Ram, which is run by Ram Subramanian.

He told Catch News that he created the videotapes “because a lot of people are afraid to speak about peace, and it’s an illogical fear”.

“To me, these videos mean a new beginning, another small step towards peace,” he said.

The publication of the song came afterwards a flood of ferocity by the boundary of Kashmir which has led to multiple casualties.

Two Indian soldiers and three resistance units were murdered in the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir when a gun fight broke out.

The territory has been fought since the 1947 partition. Both nations declare the area in full.


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