Taxi Driver Served Justice After Crashing into Schoolboy


Amar Atwal was a 12 year old boy who attended a grammar school. His mother fondly speaks of how she remembers the way he kissed her and said that he loved her, before being the victim of a car crash which took the young boys life.

 After being rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Amar spent two days there suffering from severe injuries before he unfortunately passed away.

 However, even after death, the amazing boy still was able to help five other people from amarorgan donating. Two other of his family members were also in the car and suffered from appalling injuries.

While his death took place in May, justice was served today, as the taxi driver Nadeem Hussain 35, has finally been jailed for 6 years after being found guilty by a jury of being the cause of the death due to his dangerous driving and was also found guilty of two counts of causing serious injury.

The guilty dad of four was found speeding and had ignored the sign which said ‘Give Way’ when he drove across the junction from Thursfield Road without stopping or breaking at all.

As a result of this, he smashed into the side of a Mitsubishi Outlander, in which Amar and his relatives were seated, which then flipped onto the roof of the car and collided into a tree. Amar was reported to have not been wearing his seatbelt and consequently suffered from fatal injuries.

Taxi driver Hussain, from Dudley, explained to the court that he was ‘truly sorry’ for what happened, however the judge said that hadn’t shown “true remorse”.

This resulted in Hussain being banned from driving for 7 years and even after that would have to complete an extended driving test.

When jailing Hussain, Judge Francis Laird QC said: “The footage reveals a ferocious impact. You walked away with relatively minor injuries, but the consequences for those in the Mitsubishi were truly horrific.

“You took a risk that there would not be a vehicle crossing your path. You were driving far too quickly and your driving created a significant risk of injury to others. The effects of what you did on that fateful afternoon will last with others for the rest of their lives. Despite overwhelming evidence, you steadfastly refused to accept what you had done. From the police interviews and the evidence you have given at this trial; you have presented as a man drowning in self-pity for your own predicament. I have found there is no true remorse within you for what you did.”


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