Birmingham Airport Named Best in Britain

BHX hailed as the fastest airport in the country, beating out more popular rivals


Birmingham Airport has been crowned the fastest airport in the UK, beating out more popular favourites Heathrow, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The ranking was released by Skyscanner, with their study demonstrating that 37% of BHX passengers reached their gate in an astounding fifteen minutes or less. Yet more impressive, two-thirds of those who weren’t using the fast track service still reached their gate from the airport entrance in under thirty minutes. As such, there is minimal difference between the fast track and non-fast track service.

Top 5 Fastest UK Airports

  1. Birmingham
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Glasgow
  4. Bristol
  5. Heathrow

Data was gathered from over 200 passengers from ten different British airports. Unsurprisingly, the biggest obstacles in navigating airport routines was security, shuttle buses and trains and poor signage and direction in some airports.

Cat McGloin, Skycanner’s Travel Editor, said: “When you consider the vastness of Heathrow you might expect that it would take a long time to reach the gate so it’s great that they were actually found to be one of the fastest airports – showing that the size does not affect efficiency.

“There are of course a number of factors that may affect the time it takes to get through the airport, including the time of day and if travelling with children.”



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