DESIblitz Jobs Website proudly announces the launch of its new subsidiary website, DESIblitz Jobs.


The UK is considered to be one of the most diverse nations in the world and yet this rich diversity is not always reflected in the workplace within the companies of the nation.

We have all read the reports which are backed up with extensive research on how and why we should embrace the business benefits of diversity, inclusion and equality but why do we still struggle to put this into real action?

In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to harness the potential of the communities all around us which lead to enhanced business outcomes.

To help address these matters, DESIblitz is assisting employers who wish to become more diverse and competitive by introducing DESIblitz Jobs.

DESIblitz Jobs is dedicated to attract candidates from ethnic backgrounds and more diverse backgrounds for employers.

The new website highlights vacancies to a niche BME audience of over 3 million visitors yearly, typically aged between 18-34 years old, of which 48% are female.

DESIblitz has evolved from being an award-winning British Asian online lifestyle magazine, to a brand that now encourages its sponsors/advertisers to recruit to promote diversity and inclusion within workplaces.

By simply having vacancies advertised on DESIblitz Jobs, organisations are breaking down the barriers and preconceived perceptions to improve working environments with a better representation of UK’s cultural mix.

Simply, DESIblitz Jobs enables employers to add and manage their own vacancies and conversely, allows candidates to browse, bookmark and apply for job listings, including the ability to create online CV’s for employers to browse.

Employers have a selection of packages suited to their recruitment needs from a single job to multiple postings, attracting discounts for unlimited requirement.

Indi Deol, Director said:indi-deol-director

“We had been receiving CV’s from our readers regularly for many years and we were sending these onto other organisations who were recruiting and looking to diversity their workforce. Therefore, the idea evolved from this specific supply and demand, when I knew we could add more value to our readers and advertisers with the addition of a diversity focused jobs site to”

Employers can add different types of jobs including part-time, full-time, internships and apprenticeships.

With the apprenticeship levy requiring UK employers who have a pay bill over £3 million a year to invest in apprenticeships, DESIblitz Jobs offers a unique way of attracting British Asians who have not always considered apprenticeships as an obvious route for a career.

With a change in mindset and by breaking down barriers, businesses can take advantages of the strengths offered by ethnically diverse candidates to inject their workforces with new ideas and knowledge to tackle today’s ever changing markets and customers.

DESIblitz Jobs offers a real opportunity for employers to access a hard-to-reach diverse audience for their jobs and thus, to actively recruit candidates from these communities.

DESIblitz Jobs can be accessed at the website address:


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