Get active outdoors this autumn with Rosie Naseer


All of my adult life I’ve been an avid hill walker and lover of the countryside of the British Isles. Sadly, big shopping centres seem to attract more visitors than our green and pleasant land. I want to change that and encourage people to get out of their cars and head for the hills.

There are few places in the world with as varied an environment, or as accessible a network of footpaths, climbing routes or cycle trails as Britain. Hill and multi-terrain walking is great for building endurance, coordination and confidence. The positive impact of being outdoors in psychological health is now well documented. You don’t need loads of gear, although waterproofs are obviously important in the winter (along with good boots).

Being outdoors is a great equaliser. Halfway up a hill no-one cares if you’ve got a posh car or if your makeup is done: just be yourself. Go in a group or, better still (in my view) choose the one or two people you would most like to talk to, introduce them to the outdoors and discover the space to get to know them.

There are plenty of groups around to walk with. Contact one and start your outdoor adventure.


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