Disney Quits India

After repeated flops, including much hyped Mohenjo Daro, Disney gives up Bollywood campaign

Mohenjo Daro

Global world power Walt Disney has packed up and left Bollywood after the disastrous unfolding’s of Mohenjo Daro.

Before release, Mohenjo Daro was slated to be one of the biggest films of 2016. Hrithik Roshan, beautiful upcomer Pooja Hedge, a historical storyline unique to the usual melodrama of Hindi cinema, Mohenjo Daro looked like it was going to blow up.

But then the film came out, getting nearly everything about the ancient city wrong. It was slated for its historical inaccuracies and wooden acting and proved an embarrassing flop for everyone involved, collecting only 550 million rupees by second week.

None more so than Disney India, who after flopping with Fitnoor, were hoping Mohenjo Daro would set them back on track. Unfortunately the back to back disappointments have prompted Disney to quit Bollywood altogether. Instead, they will focus on promoting Disney films to Indian audiences. Warner Bros suffered a similar fate back in 2009. The only big US production companies remaining in India are Fox Star Studios India, Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Sony, who have all carved a profitable chunk out of the TV industry.

Before wrapping up, Disney has one last Bollywood to get through, that being Dancal starring Aamir Khan. Whilst Aamir is enough to fill seats, it might not be enough to get Disney to stay put.



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