New York Bombings

City on high alert as five suspicious devices found near train station

Image from Twitter

Three attacks have occurred in the last 24 hours as a suspicious device was found near a train station in New Jersey. The device exploded as it was being disarmed by a bomb squad early this morning. 29 people have been injured so far in the first explosion in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York on Saturday night.

On Sunday night police were informed of a backpack with wires and a pipe in a bin near a New Jersey pub and train station. One of five devices in the bag exploded as it was being disarmed.

Local mayor Christian Bollwage states whoever left the bag was possibly attempting to get rid of it. “It’s not in a highly congested area.” He said.

Police have still not linked the bomb to the Manhattan incident or an earlier pipe bomb at a train station in Elizabeth. However a law enforcement official stated that the three incidents were from the same person.

A local American paper reports that a mystery caller contacted the police saying there would be more attacks.

“I’m looking at the explosion down the block. There will be more,” the anonymous caller said, according to police sources.

No evidence has emerged that links the attacks to extremist groups.

The device in question was placed in a pressure cooker outside the Associated Blind Housing facility at 135 West 23rd Street. The second bomb was found four blocks away on West 27th Street.

Both New York bombs were made up of pressure cookers, flip phones, Christmas lights and explosive material.



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