A Cracking New Film

Akshay Kumar teases new film ‘Crack’ with Neeraj Pandey


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is continuing his trend of patriotic movies with upcoming new flick, ‘Crack’. The actor has worked with film maker Neeraj Pandey on previous films including ‘Baby’ and ‘Rustom’ and now is set to make a hat trick with their new project.

Interestingly the film will be released on Independence Day weekend in 2017 on August 11th. Kumar shared the news on twitter, “This time, we come together for ‘CRACK’ – A Neeraj Pandey film. Releases Independence Day weekend 2017.Need your love.”

No plot details have been released as of yet however the poster shared by Kumar depicts a pair of cracked glasses on the cold, hard ground. The duo’s previous films deal with issues such as duty, law enforcement, terrorism and government corruption.


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