Study finds Muslim women most disadvantaged group

Lib Dems Demand Action for Muslim Women


Following a report showing Muslim women were the most discriminated against group in Britain, the Liberal Democrats have demanded government action. Liberal Democrat peer and Equalities Spokesperson Meral Hussein-Ece said:

“Muslim women are already facing hate crimes and social exclusion in the post-Brexit atmosphere. Women, despite making up 51% of the UK population, are at an economic disadvantage. Muslim women are acutely disadvantaged not only due to gender but due to religious background.

“This is completely unacceptable and the Government must bring forward a plan to tackle inequality, to ensure all women of whatever background have equal access to education, jobs and opportunity.”

Baroness Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat Business spokesperson, pointed to the failure to make blind CVs mandatory across all sectors:

“In the wake of Brexit and the revision of Britain’s laws – the Liberal Democrats will fight to ensure Theresa May does not turn a blind eye to protecting the rights of Britain’s Muslim women – in particular to safeguard employment legislation.”

Liberal Democrats Press Office: 020 7340 4949


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