Blaze at Brindley Place Hotel

Guests evacuated from the Hilton Garden Inn after fire broke out

Brindley Place

At 11.30 Wednesday night, guests of the Hilton Garden Inn in Brindley Place, Birmingham were hurriedly  evacuated from the building,  still in the their pyjamas, after a fire broke out.

Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to combat the blaze. Specialist fans were used to ventilating the building of smoke. Thermal imaging cameras were employed the check the building was free from before a full search for remaining guests took place.

The firefighters left the scene 7am Thursday morning and guests were allowed back inside.

It is believed the fire began on the second floor of the eight storey building in a linen shop and an investigation is taking place. A West Midlands fire service spokesperson said the fire was “confined to a storeroom in a linen store.

“A full evacuation and full search took place. It is now in the hands of fire investigators and police.”





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