Dr Subaig Singh Kandola’s New Release

After his smash hit debut single, Dr Subaig Singh Kandola is back with “Nazran Fer Ke’’


The UK artist released his first single, Tere Jhoothiye Ni Laare earlier this year and is back with his second hit single in collaboration with Popsy The Music Machine, releasing worldwide on Mahaveer Records from Thursday 28 July.

Subaig’s complex and emotion-filled vocals combined with the beautifully composed traditional Indian instrumental music delivers a soulful masterpiece, set to capture the hearts of the masses. Sure to be a timeless classic, Nazran Fer Ke demonstrates Subaig’s impressive versatility whilst retaining his trademark folk sound – Subaig’s fans worldwide will not be disappointed.

Nazran Fer Ke is written by Laddi Gobindpuri and music is produced by Popsy The Music Machine.  The music video was shot in breath-taking scenery in Rajasthan and directed by cinematographer Amrinder Goraya.

Nazran Fer Ke will be available to download on iTunes in advance from Wednesday 27th July 2016.


Dr Subaig Singh Kandola is an up and coming UK born Punjabi Singer and all set to release his debut single, Tere Jhoothiye Ni Laare.

Subaig Singh has a real flair for performance and is truly multi-talented. Not only is he a medical doctor, he is also an ex-professional mixed martial arts cage fighter and boxer. He is also a skilled dancer, actor and comedian.

His comedy skits on the Internet and his MMA fight videos have already made Subaig a household name and helped him gain thousands of loyal fans worldwide.

He will now however take the Punjabi music world by storm with his powerful and soulful voice, bolstered by top class production from one of the best producers around, Popsy Nandha.

Subaig has a real passion for traditional Punjabi folk music and wishes to follow in the footsteps of folk legends such as Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda and Gurdas Mann.

This talented individual loves Punjabi Culture and wishes to promote its values and emotions through music and video. He also endeavours to demonstrate its vibrant heritage in this current era of globalization and cultural dilution.



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