Foodie Holidays

Almost a third of British travellers choose their next holiday based on the food quality.


An important factor to consider when deciding where to go on holiday is a delicious meal.

According to a new survey, the quality of food is a deciding factor for 32 per cent of British travellers when they choose the destination of their next holiday.

More than 24 per cent think museums and galleries are an important consideration whilst almost twice as many as the 17 per cent take a friend’s recommendation into account.

The poll defies the image of Britons abroad sticking to home luxuries such as fish and chips.

One in ten people say they will go on a ‘gastro-holiday’, where food is the key reason for getting away. That’s a near-sixfold upsurge in three years.

Alex Platts, of online travel firm Expedia, which commissioned the survey, said: “It’s great to see Britons are becoming a nation of foodies and looking to broaden their food horizons when it comes booking their next trip.”

The survey of 14,000 adults across 14 European nations similarly found that 40 per cent of Britons choose where they are going to have a meal before they even fly off.


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